Kreatívne a farebné podkrovie s moderným nábytkom

27. marca 2018
Kreatívne a farebné podkrovie s moderným nábytkom

Izraelské dizajnérske duo Raw-Edges, založené v Londýne, vytvorilo toto unikátne podkrovie s farebným, šťastným interiérom, ktoré kombinuje obytné a pracovné priestory a používa eklektický mix nábytku Vitra a Artek.

K dispozícii sú priestory pre dospelých i deti

01 the bedroom is bold and bright the bed is placed on cork stools and theres much colorful furniture 775x516.jpg

02 these stools can be used as nightstands and as sitting furniture 775x1163.jpg

03 the kitchen and dining space are united into one open layout with colorful posters bright furniture and much storage space 775x517.jpg

04 there are several kids playing zones and this is one of them separated with a divider from the bathroom 775x517.jpg

05 this is another kidss playing space with colroful pillows furniture and toys 775x517.jpg

06 this is a studio nook with open shelving and a large double table with a paper roll on it 775x1163.jpg

07 the bathroom is open with colorful pillows installation over it and modern appliances 775x517.jpg

08 the home office nook is also a double one with colorful furniture and artworks for a gorgeous look 775x517.jpg

09 this is a small breakfast space with comfy stools and a cart all the furniture is modern and very bright 775x517.jpg

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