Malý minimalistický byt s maximálnou funkčnosťou

4. mája 2018
Malý minimalistický byt s maximálnou funkčnosťou

Tento kompaktný byt má len 24 metrov štvorcových..

01 this compact apartment is only 24 square meters but it has everything necessary for a second home for a business traveler 775x516.jpg

02 the sleeping zone is done with a large bed and an oversized art piece 775x517.jpg

03 the balcony was incorporated into decor and became a sitting space with a colroful yarn chair 775x309.jpg

04 the decor and furniture are simple and minimalist to fit all the basic needs 775x1163.jpg

05 this zone hidden with sliding doors includes a tv a small closet and a tiny kitchen 775x1163.jpg

06 such mesh sliding doors separate it from the sleeping zone yet do it in an airy way to avoid making the space smaller 775x1163.jpg


08 the small bathroom features a comfy shower clad with marble tiles 775x1163.jpg

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